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PNGExtra Program
Optimize PNG files with no loss of image quality by cleanly removing extras In the same way that my JPGExtra program optimizes JPG files with no loss of image quality, my new PNGExtra program similarly optimizes PNG files by cleanly removing "extras" (or "metadata"). PNGExtra is the world's smallest, fastest and most efficient program for PNG image optimization.

Table of Contents
Revealing the extras inside a typical PNG file Sample PNG File
To demonstrate what PNGExtra does and why it's needed, let's look inside a typical PNG file to see the types of "extras" (or "metadata") and how PNGExtra can optimize such files by cleanly removing those extras.
Greater percentage of extras in a typical icon-sized PNG file Sample Icon-sized PNG File
When an image is made smaller, many of the unseen "extras" within the resulting PNG file can still be just as large, constituting a greater percentage of waste. Typical icon-sized PNG files will benefit the most from optimization by PNGExtra.
Typical web page before and after PNG optimization Sample Web Page
Typical websites, particularly shopping and photo sites, contain many individual PNG files on each page. After optimizing those PNG files with PNGExtra, web pages go from "empty" to "full" much faster.
More details about the PNGExtra program PNGExtra Details
My program for optimizing PNG files is, in itself, an example of optimization. Don't be deceived by PNGExtra's dull, grey appearance because the program is tuned for efficiency and performance.
Download PNGExtra onto your computer Get PNGExtra
PNGExtra is an incredibly tiny program, so it should only take a split-second to download onto your computer. It's now available free of charge thanks to people who support me by buying items through my Amazon links.
Instructions for installing and using PNGExtra Using PNGExtra
I've tried to make PNGExtra fairly simple to use, but for the full picture, here's the A B C of installing and using the program and understanding the various features plus some tricks to improve your workflow.
Troubleshooting problems with PNGExtra Troubleshooting
PNGExtra will handle most problems, such as corrupt PNG files, disk errors and so forth. This page lists these common errors plus some of the less obvious problems and their solutions.

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