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Over Under Lacing

This method reduces friction, making the lacing easier to tighten and loosen plus reducing wear and tear. The laces alternate between crossing Over and Under.

Diagram for 8 pairs of eyelets

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Lacing Technique:

• For EVEN numbers of eyelet pairs, begin straight across on the outside (grey section) and in through the bottom eyelets.

• For ODD numbers of eyelet pairs, begin straight across on the inside (grey section) and out through the bottom eyelets.

• At each eyelet pair, alternate between crossing OVER (on the outside) and in through the next higher set of eyelets or crossing UNDER (on the inside) and out through the next higher set of eyelets. Repeat until lacing is completed.

Ian's favourite!
Decorative look
Faster & easier
Less wear & tear

By alternating crossovers on the outside and on the inside, there are a couple of benefits:

• The laces don't rub across the edges of the shoes, which reduces wear and tear on both the shoes and the shoelaces.

• Because of the reduced friction, you don't really need to pull every single crossover when tightening. Instead, you can pull every second crossover, which is both faster and easier because those that run across on the outside are easier to get your fingers underneath.

Over Under Lacing Gallery
Lacing photo
Colorado Sangers with Over Under Lacing
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
Lacing photo
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Lacing photo
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Over Under Lacing Video
Watch video: How to Over Under Lace your shoes Watch video here
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Shoelace Lengths for Over Under Lacing
Pairs of eyelets: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Length needed: 71 cm
28 inch
81 cm
32 inch
92 cm
36 inch
102 cm
40 inch
113 cm
44 inch
123 cm
48 inch
134 cm
53 inch
Lengths available: 27" 27" | 36" 36" 40" 45" 45" 54"
Comparative Length:
Identical length shoelaces to those for basic Criss Cross Lacing.
• These are approximate shoelace lengths for using this lacing on an average sized sneaker.
• For more accurate lengths, use the Shoelace Length Calculator.

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