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Now available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It's never been easier to access so many Lacing Methods and Shoelace Knots while on the move, even without Internet access.

Your Handy Pocket Reference!

Ian's Laces App is your handy pocket reference of how to tie and lace shoes. Now, you'll never be stuck for shoelace style or technique. And if someone does ask: "How did you do that?", the answer is at your fingertips, not your feet!

This huge compilation was first brought to the iPhone and iPod Touch back in Aug-2009. There have since been three major updates, with this latest release in Jul-2014.

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - Main Screen


• All new design for IOS7.

• All new support for hi-res devices.

• All new photos of trendy sneakers.

• All new Create-a-Lace variations.

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - Lacing Methods Lacing Methods:

The app includes 52 different lacing methods, many with several variations, for a total of 112 possibilities. Browse the methods at leisure, fly through the list at high speed, or search for something specific.

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - Lacing Details Lacing Details:

Each lacing method contains a hi-res image of that lacing on a typical sneaker, shoe or boot. This lets you visualize how the lacing might look on different types of footwear, plus the different pictures make it easier to scroll quickly to your favourite method by remembering the shoe style.

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - Lacing Diagrams Lacing Diagrams:

Each lacing method contains one or more large, clear lacing diagrams. On a typical iPhone or iPod Touch, these diagrams are more than large enough to be placed alongside your shoe to simplify the task of reproducing a lacing method.

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - Create-A-Lace Create-A-Lace:

Unlike a real shoe, our virtual shoe is a super-fast way to experiment with shoe lacing. Use your finger to drag the shoelace from eyelet to eyelet to create your own custom lacing method. A quick finger can create a style in just seconds!

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - Shoelace Knots Shoelace Knots:

There are twenty different shoelace knots, including the "Ian Knot", the world's fastest shoelace knot. Each includes animated diagrams plus step-by-step instructions.

Ian's Laces App 4.0.0 - iPad Features iPad Features:

The greater screen area of the iPad allows more details to fit on screen at the same time. Here, the lacing diagram and lacing instructions sit comfortably side-by-side instead of on separate screens.

This Website Is Free - Why Buy Ian's Laces?

1. Made for iPhone! Use the app's powerful, intuitive interface instead of squinting, pinch zooming or double tapping to browse in Safari.

2. Exclusive Content! The power of the iPhone allows fun content like the "Create-a-Lace".

3. Convenience! It's easier to place your iPhone next to your shoe than to place your shoe next to your computer screen.

4. No Internet! You can view the lacing methods fast, without a connection, and without additional internet costs.

5. Be Kind! Buying Ian's Laces App will help support Ian (who otherwise literally "lives on a shoestring").

Reviews of Ian's Laces App
Ian's Laces App - Miles of Styles!

Ian's Laces App was featured in the App Store on 10-Nov-2009, and within two days had risen to #1 in the U.S. "Reference" category.

The following are genuine, unsolicited reviews of Ian's Laces, as submitted to the App Store by satisified buyers. It's terrific to read that people really appreciate this app!

What a cool application- really unique content, great graphics, and interesting interface with lots of cool skins. Even I can pimp out my trainers now!

This app is awesome! All shoelacing possibilites are in this one convenient app, which is great. I love it and would highly recommend this app to anyone.

A really fun app that gives you a collection of fun new ways to lace up your shoes. I may be too old for such nonsense, but that didn't stop me from trying them out. I also was able to share the app with my son (12) and he loves it too!

Very informative and useful. Nice attention to detail. Mom, Dad, and 17 yr. old daughter have used it and give Ian's Laces three thumbs up!!!

I bought this app to fix the problem I was having with my work boots binding at the bend. I ended up changing the lacing on my running shoes also. Great app! The kicker is that my 8 year old son LOVES this! He has now changed the lacing in all his shoes. Before he treated all his shoes like slip ons and would always end up destroying the backs. Now he happily ties them to show the lacing and keeps the shoes looking nice.

A simple shoelace app and this guy went all out; I wish other app developers were more like this guy. I've deleted apps due to their crappyness. I used this app today on my new pair of dress shoes.

Available in the App Store
Visit the App Store to buy Ian's Laces Universal App Visit the App Store to buy Ian's Laces Universal App Universal App v4.0.0 - UPDATED!

Includes 52 lacing methods and 112 variations, 20 shoelace knots plus the fun "Create-A-Lace". Universal app suits iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch:

US/CA $1.99, EU 1,59€, UK £1.19, JP ¥230, AU $2.49.

Visit the App Store to try the free LITE version of Ian's Laces App Lite App v2.0.0

Older version with a limited selection of 10 methods and 27 variations, the Lite app allows you to sample some of "Ian's Laces" for free (and free of ads).

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