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Ian Fieggen's Site - Home of a down-to-earth Aussie, his thoughts & ideas
Welcome to Ian Fieggen's Site!
Ian Fieggen, 29-Feb-2004 This is my own little part of the Internet, where I tell a little about myself and share some of my thoughts and ideas with the world. Don't mistake this for a "blog" - I rarely update this section.

Table of Contents
Ian Fieggen & Inge Roedecker, Oct-2000 About Ian
Everything about Ian, from my very beginnings to the person I am today. Contains pages covering my Statistics, Favourites, History, Ancestry, Education & Employment.
Ian Fieggen pondering something, 1982 Ian's Rants
I think of all sorts of things. While many of my ideas come out of left field, some of them make great sense, although I admit that others are downright crazy.
Engine pencil drawing, circa 1978 Ian's Artwork
Besides computer graphics and websites, I have an artistic bent that has seen me experiment with various media over the years, plus I enjoy creating things. This section highlights a few samples of my artwork and designs.
Photo of Uluru Ian's Photos
Photos of Ian through the years, as well as selected photos that either show something truly worth sharing or happen to be particularly beautiful images.
Links to other sites about software or programming Ian's Links
Here's some links to other related websites. Providing links is good "Netiquette", enabling the Internet to effectively become its own index.
Contact Ian Fieggen Contact Ian
I'd love to hear how you went and what you thought of this website, even if it's a criticism or a suggestion on how to make the site better.

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